About Organization

The public union *Council of Student Unions* has been formed as an unregistered union on autumn of 2001 year. The founders of organization are: Student Union of Anaseuli Institute for Utilization of Natural Resources, Student Union of Ozurgeti Business Institute, Student Union of Industrial-Pedagogical College and Student Union of Medical College. The organization has been officially registered on 30 May 2002 in Ozurgeti district curt (Registration number 44/9-91).

With the mentioned staff organization has implemented various activities, but here was the danger to lose the competitive personnel, because the students (with the statute of organization) hadn’t rights/opportunities to be a member of *Council of Student Unions*, for this reason in May of 2004. The ”General Meeting” of members has accepted the resolution for reorganization, it was consisting the structural changes, checking the aims, to gain area of working and beneficiary. In the beginning of 2004 year we’ve represented with new name *Student-Youth Council*, new ideas and new list of activities for the implementation and we are sure, that we’ll do a lot of kind affairs for the students/youth of our region.

Nowadays organization has headquarter in the center of Ozurgeti with all needed technical equipment, experienced members and trainers.*SYC* has closer co-operation with the youth organizations as in Georgia, so on abroad, local self-government and business sector. We`ve five full members in the organization, the local and foreign volunteers are working actively in our organization as well.


*Student-Youth Council* is a public union, which aims at solving the problems that youth and students are facing by protecting their rights, promoting knowledge and skills, filling informational gap, realizing youth’s intellectual, creative, cultural and sport potentials.

The organisation is:

- member of Georgian National Platform *Eastern Partnership Civil Society Forum*;
- member of *IDA - International Development Alliance*;
- co-founder of *Youth Organisation Forum of Georgia* ;
- member of *National Council of Youth Organisations Georgia*;
- corresponding-member of the international youth organisation *Youth Human Right Movement*;
- member of the *European network against nationalism, racism, fascism and in support of migrants and refugees – UNITED*;
- is a part of working group in our country in the frames of *European Youth Campaign for Diversity, Human Rights and Participation - All different, All Equal*;
- signatory of *Code of Ethics for Georgian Civil Society Organizations*.

Nowadays the organization works in following programmes:

- Youth integration and assistance for their active involvement in public life;
- Assistance for to promote and develop volunteering;
- Assistance for to establish and develop democratic govern/self-govern.

- Organization is a founder of Youth Union *EuroClub*.
- Organization is a co-founder of *Guria Intellect Club What? Where? When?*.

The administrative documents of organization:


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Structure of organisation:

General meeting of members - is high leading organ, which is holding December.
Board - is a leading organ of *Council* amongst the General meetings of members. The meeting of board is holding on Monday of every month.